Build and deploy machine learning models

Neptune is a Machine Learning Lab provided as a service for data scientists to speed up the development and productionisation of machine learning models.

Key features

Let data scientists focus on data science

Easy start

Neptune comes with a powerful Web UI and command-line interface.
$ pip install neptune-cli
$ neptune run
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Pricing plans

Neptune comes in three pricing tiers



$5/month + Pay As You Go

  • building machine learning models
  • infrastructure and environment management
  • reproducibility
  • up to 4 concurrent experiments
  • 5GB of storage
  • standard support
One month trial

No credit card required, free $5
for infrastructure, takes 5 minutes to get started



$99/user/month + Pay As You Go

  • all features available
    in the individual tier
  • team collaboration
  • up to 20 concurrent
  • 100GB of storage
  • standard support
◄ plan details

team contact


PaaS or on-premises

  • all features available in the team tier
  • machine learning model deployment
  • support for multiple cloud vendors
    (GCP, AWS and Azure)
  • integration with your existing cloud accounts
  • premium support
◄ plan details

enterprise contact

Pay As You Go

CPU starts from $0.0000253 per second

GPU starts from $0.0002148 per second

Storage $0.01 per GB daily

Neptune's team

Neptune is developed by the data science team, created and managed by engineers who gained experience at Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

We have real fun challenging ourselves by taking part (and taking top places) in global data science competitions, like Kaggle.

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