Compute Resources

Neptune integrates with the most popular public clouds, allowing you to expand your compute resources with a single command. There are many types of instances you can use, but the following common rules apply:

  • you are billed per second
  • you pay only for the time your experiment is running and uploading the results to the storage
  • the minimum charge for any experiment running in a cloud is $0.01

Instances on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Storage and download

Neptune uses storage to keep track of your source code, machine learning models and the outputs your experiments generate. Additionally, using storage you can exchange data between your experiments and notebooks.

You are charged $0.01 for each GB used per day (calculated as a maximum amount of GB in the day), that exceeds the storage included for your pricing tier.

Download from Neptune storage is free up to 10GB/month, then $0.15/GB.